Global Usage Statistics for 2021

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A total of 239,645 sessions.

Sessions over Time
Date Sessions
Jan 30, 2021 8332
Jan 31, 2021 8702
Feb 01, 2021 10475
Feb 02, 2021 10111
Feb 03, 2021 9362
Feb 04, 2021 9437
Feb 06, 2021 8285
Feb 07, 2021 8682
Feb 08, 2021 10017
Feb 09, 2021 9710
Feb 11, 2021 9723
Feb 13, 2021 8246
Feb 15, 2021 10591
Feb 16, 2021 10259
Feb 17, 2021 10372
Feb 18, 2021 14239
Feb 19, 2021 11872
Feb 20, 2021 9705
Feb 22, 2021 10350
Feb 24, 2021 11682
Feb 25, 2021 10726
Feb 26, 2021 9780
Feb 27, 2021 8766
Feb 28, 2021 10221
Most Active Institutions
Institution Sessions
The Education University of Hong Kong 162
FernUniversitaet in Hagen 149
Capella University 134
National Institute of Education 124
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University 112
University of Phoenix 100
University of Florida 95
Middle East Technical University Library 92
University of Alberta Library 82
University of Arizona 82
Michigan State University 74
Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) 73
Hibernia College 73
National Taiwan Normal University MG 00992 72
The University of British Columbia Library 72
Swinburne University of Technology 72
Northcentral University Library 71
Northeastern University (Snell Library) 69
Fenwick Lib Acq MSN 2FL 67
Brigham Young University 65
Empire State College-SUNY 61
Liberty University 57
Old Dominion University 55
Charles Sturt University 54
Monash University 53
Hong Kong Metropolitan University 50
Universitat Duisburg-Essen 49
James Madison University 49
Most Active Countries
Country Sessions
United States 2550
Canada 444
Hong Kong 419
Australia 407
Germany 227
Turkey 135
Singapore 124
Norway 115
Israel 92
Netherlands 80
United Kingdom 76
Ireland 73
Sweden 65
South Africa 57
Malaysia 37
Taiwan 34
Belgium 31
Finland 31
Spain 25
Switzerland 24

Journals & Conferences

Most Accesed Journals
Journal Sessions
International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning (iJET) 12019
Journal of Technology and Teacher Education 8765
International Journal of Education and Development using ICT 7926
Journal of Information Technology Education: Research 7861
International Journal on E-Learning 6615
Contemporary Issues in Technology and Teacher Education 5027
Journal of Educational Multimedia and Hypermedia 3781
AACE Review (formerly AACE Journal) 3698
Journal of Interactive Learning Research 3454
Journal of e-Learning and Knowledge Society 3226
Computers & Education 2899
International Journal of Educational Telecommunications 2822
International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences 2620
Canadian Journal of Learning and Technology / La revue canadienne de l’apprentissage et de la technologie 2601
Open Praxis 2581
Journal of New Approaches in Educational Research (NAER Journal) 2476
Journal of Computers in Mathematics and Science Teaching 2458
Interdisciplinary Journal of E-Learning and Learning Objects 2303
Alteridad 2217
Innovate: Journal of Online Education 2098
Most Accesed Conferences
Conference Sessions
Society for Information Technology & Teacher Education International Conference 17101
EdMedia + Innovate Learning 12084
E-Learn: World Conference on E-Learning in Corporate, Government, Healthcare, and Higher Education 7596
Global Learn 1063
Innovate Learning Summit 765
WebNet World Conference on the WWW and Internet 696
SITE Interactive Conference 679
Proceedings of the Informing Science and Information Technology Education Conference 618
World Conference on Mobile and Contextual Learning 550
ASCILITE - Australian Society for Computers in Learning in Tertiary Education Annual Conference 474
TCC 435
International Conference on Mathematics / Science Education and Technology 141
American Educational Research Association Annual Meeting 21
Global TIME 14
Distance Education Delivery Networks: Role in Community and Institutional Development 12
International Conference e-Learning 2014. Multi Conference on Computer Science and Information Systems 10

Top Articles & Conference Papers

Most Viewed Articles
Title Count
Students’ Perceptions of Online Learning: A Comparative Study 2406
Teaching, Technology, and Teacher Education during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Stories from the Field 2309
Watch, Share or Create: The Influence of Personality Traits and User Motivation on TikTok Mobile ... 1484
Issues in Distance Learning 1405
Creating Art, Animations, and Music through Coding 1137
Blended Learning Environments: Definitions and Directions 1013
A Review of Benefits and Limitations of Online Learning in the Context of the Student, the... 901
E-Learning in the Philippines: Trends, Directions, and Challenges 752
Comparative Analysis of Learner Satisfaction and Learning Outcomes in Online and Face-to-Face... 723
La motivación y el aprendizaje 709
Thinking Beyond Zoom: Using Asynchronous Video to Maintain Connection and Engagement During the... 643
What is Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK)? 597
Should Teachers be Trained in Emergency Remote Teaching? Lessons Learned from the COVID-19 Pandemic 531
Online Discussions: A Survey of Advantages and Disadvantages Compared to Face-to-Face Discussions 481
A Comparison of Online and Traditional Computer Applications Classes 438
A systematic review of Virtual Reality in education 389
Digital Literacy: A Conceptual Framework for Survival Skills in the Digital era 385
Identifying and Addressing the Mental Health Needs of Online Students in Higher Education 367
NMC Horizon Report: 2016 Higher Education Edition 338
Students’ Perceptions of Online Learning and Instructional Tools: A Qualitative Study of... 330
Most Emailed Articles
Title Count
Strengthening IT Curriculum by Improving Problem Solving Skills with Programming 42
Something for Everyone? An Evaluation of the Use of Audio-Visual Resources in Geographical... 28
Blindfolded in a Minefield: Principals' Ethical Decision-Making 9
Towards a New Generation of Multimedia Learning Research 6
On The Use of Hypertext to Enhance Awareness of the Importance of Rhetorical Organization 5
Developing Digital Information Literacy in Higher Education: Obstacles and Supports 4
A Comparison Study between a Traditional and Experimental Program 4
Online Graduate Level Professional Development for the National Guard Bureau 4
Electronic Portfolio Assessment of Graduate Students 4
Designing an Interactive Learning Environment to Support Children's Understanding in Complex Domains 3
Are Our Children Ready for the Future? A Look at Technology in Education 3
A Vision-Based Motion Sensor for Undergraduate Laboratories 3
The Role of ICT in Early Childhood Education: Scale Development and Research on ICT Use and... 3
Designing online conferences to promote professional development in Africa 2
Meeting the Training Needs of SMEs: Is e-Learning a Solution? 2
Adopting Cognitive Computing Solutions in Healthcare 2
Understanding Technology Adoption: Theory and Critical Review of Seminal Research 2
A Critical Examination of Participation in an Online Community of Practice to Inform Digital... 2
Does Online Outshine?: Online vs. Campus-Based Degree Withdrawal and Completion Rates within an... 2
Challenges and opportunities in ICT educational development: A Ugandan case study 2