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Do you have an internet acceptable use policy?

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Computers & Education Volume 29, Number 4, ISSN 0360-1315 Publisher: Elsevier Ltd


No longer is the question if the Internet will be used in the classroom but when the Internet will be used in the classroom. Superimposing this technology on procedural teaching methods in the highly regulated and structured environment known as public education is akin to managing chaos. The confusion experienced by educators at all levels is not unlike similar sentiments expressed by other professionals having survived rapid organizational changes in the business world over the period of the past five to seven years. With this in mind, an attempt to define educators' proactive responsibilities in preparation for these changes led to an extensive review of literature and a survey by one of the authors. A necessary first step in embracing technological changes in education is the development of an Internet Acceptable Use Policy. A policy shell is provided that can be used to formulate individual school policy.


Perks, D.J., Gavitt, D.R. & Olivo, J.J. (1997). Do you have an internet acceptable use policy?. Computers & Education, 29(4), 147-151. Elsevier Ltd. Retrieved January 27, 2023 from .

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