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Students’ behavioural engagement with recorded lecture videos: Panopto video analytics

, , , , , University of Southern Queensland, Australia


This study reports part of a larger study that explores three technologies – Padlet, Panopto videos and Google Docs and their effectiveness in enhancing university students’ engagement in online learning. The current paper analysis university students’ behavioural engagement with recorded lecture videos uploaded in Panopto based on the description of behavioural engagement. Panopto video analytics was used as a source of data. Descriptive statistics were used to analyse the data, including percentage and frequency. The analyses focused on 58 university students viewing behaviour in relation to video dropout, average viewing time, completion rate and frequency of viewing enrolled in a mathematics course. The result showed that students tended to drop out of watching recorded lecture videos at the beginning of the first 35% of the video duration, which is an approximate average viewing time of 14 minutes of 40 minutes online lecture video. In addition, students prefer to view the lecture videos with multiple pauses, at least an average of 3 times, with a completion rate greater than 95%. These results have implications for improving the aspect of students’ learning from online lecture videos.


Getenet, S., Singh, N., Tualaulelei, E., Pillay, Y. & Worsley, S. Students’ behavioural engagement with recorded lecture videos: Panopto video analytics. In Proceedings of EdMedia + Innovate Learning Online 2022 (pp. 152-160). Retrieved April 2, 2023 from .


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