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The co-occurrence of intellectual giftedness and Autism Spectrum Disorders

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Educational Research Review Volume 6, Number 1, ISSN 1747-938X Publisher: Elsevier Ltd


This systematic literature review explored the state of the art concerning the theoretical and empirical knowledge of the twice-exceptionality of Intellectual Giftedness and Autism Spectrum Disorders (IG+ASD), in relation to diagnostic and assessment issues. After searching and examining publications in peer-reviewed journals and dissertations, we encountered a variety of methodologies being used. The results showed the absence, until now, of theoretical conceptualisations of the phenomenon IG+ASD. Nevertheless, this contribution revealed some converging tendencies concerning both personal characteristics and diagnostic and assessment issues, between publications with and without Systematic Identification Measures (SIM). Some findings, like the ‘superior non-verbal abilities’, are discussed in relation to (controversial) image formation of IG and IG+ASD. Altogether, the results indicated the need for an in-depth exploration and conceptualisation of the phenomenon IG+ASD. Meanwhile, future research should also address the practical psychological-educational need for both classification-based and needs-based assessment procedures, regarding students with (suspicion of) IG+ASD.


Burger-Veltmeijer, A.E.J., Minnaert, A.E.M.G. & Van Houten-Van den Bosch, E.J. (2011). The co-occurrence of intellectual giftedness and Autism Spectrum Disorders. Educational Research Review, 6(1), 67-88. Elsevier Ltd. Retrieved September 26, 2022 from .

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