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Framework for Assessing the ICT Competency in Teachers up to the Requirements of "Teacher" Occupational Standard

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IJESE Volume 11, Number 18, ISSN 1306-3065


The paper deals with problems of working out a test framework for the assessment of teachers' ICT competency in line with the requirements of "Teacher" occupational standard. The authors have analyzed the known approaches to assessing teachers' ICT competency--ISTE Standards and UNESCO ICT CFT and have suggested their own approach to analyzing the pedagogical activity based on the requirements of "Teacher" occupational standard for assessing the ICT competency in teachers. The crosscutting principles of using the ICT are determined and observance of them underlies the assessment of teachers' ICT competency, in particular: the priority of health and safety of educational process participants; observance of ethic and moral interaction standards, including the IEE; cooperation and constructive interaction of all educational process participants, among them teachers, learners, parents, representatives of the administration. The authors have attempted to single out three qualification categories according to the requirements reflected in "Teacher" standard: teacher, senior teacher, and leading teacher, and to describe the complication of teachers' professional tasks using the ICT. The constituents of teachers' ICT competence have been identified and described: selection, processing, creation, placement of information and organization of communication in the information educational.


Avdeeva, S., Zaichkina, O., Nikulicheva, N. & Khapaeva, S. (2016). Framework for Assessing the ICT Competency in Teachers up to the Requirements of "Teacher" Occupational Standard. International Journal of Environmental and Science Education, 11(18), 10971-10985. Retrieved January 28, 2023 from .

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