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Web-Based Technology for Children with Learning Disabilities


Journal of Educational Technology Volume 7, Number 1, ISSN 0973-0559


Individuals with special educational needs may face difficulties in acquiring basic skills needed for learning such as reading, spelling, writing, speaking, understanding, listening, thinking or arithmetic. The difficulties they face in the learning process have begun to attract serious attention throughout the globe. They suffer from severe learning problems which affects their performance in academics. Such individuals with learning disabilities are found across all ages and in all socio-economic classes. Learning disabilities may affect individuals differently at different stages of life. So it is imperative to adopt innovative educational strategies in the classroom to help these academically weak learners to enhance their performance through the extensive use of technology. Instructional strategies like web-based learning encourage active learning and meet the diverse needs of the learners through the use of technology in education. Web-based instruction, where the medium of instruction is computer technology is delivered over the internet which allows learners to use reference material based on their individual needs through a wide variety of media such as sound, animation, text, graphics and video. Web-based instruction is a strategy that can be effectively designed and implemented for learning-disabled children as it provides variety and flexibility in learning. Educational technologies like web-based learning can help disabled children in overcoming severe learning problems and permit a greater number of opportunities for learners' epistemological styles, pace of learning, self-correction and modification of learning. It caters to the needs of diverse learners and it helps to enhance the learning of such pupils by using different instructional techniques and thus integrating educational technology in the classroom. Web-based learning can help children with learning disabilities to learn in an enjoyable and meaningful way. Hence there is a need to create a web-based environment as technology advances and more and more students with learning disabilities attend web-based classes.


Kumar, S.P. & Raja, B.W.D. (2010). Web-Based Technology for Children with Learning Disabilities. Journal of Educational Technology, 7(1), 8-13. Retrieved May 27, 2023 from .

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