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Changing Their Mindsets: ePortfolios Encourage Application of Concepts to the Self


International Journal of ePortfolio Volume 7, Number 2, ISSN 2157-622X


We describe the ePortfolio delivery of a mindset intervention to college students. In Study 1, 38 underrepresented ethnic minority (URM) students who were enrolled in a summer research program completed a mindset intervention as a worksheet (n = 17) or as an ePortfolio (n = 21). Students who completed ePortfolios were more likely than students who completed worksheets to demonstrate conceptual mastery, describe a shift in mindset, and describe personal grit. In Study 2, students in an introductory college course completed the mindset intervention in a graded ePortfolio (n = 54) or a graded paper (n = 56). Students in both groups reported a stronger endorsement of a growth mindset after completing the assignment and were equally likely to produce complete answers. Although students who completed papers provided more conceptual content, students who completed ePortfolios were more likely to describe themselves as having a growth mindset and displaying grit than students who completed papers. Positive effects of the ePortfolio intervention were present for both URM and non-URM students. We conclude that ePortfolios add value to assignments that are intended to evoke personal reflection and application of core concepts to the self.


Singer-Freeman, K. & Bastone, L. (2017). Changing Their Mindsets: ePortfolios Encourage Application of Concepts to the Self. International Journal of ePortfolio, 7(2), 151-160. Retrieved July 1, 2022 from .

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