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Qualitative Findings on the Dynamics of Online Facilitation in Distance Education

, , , , , School of Education, Languages and Communications, Wawasan Open University, George Town, Malaysia

IJOPCD Volume 6, Number 4, ISSN 2155-6873 Publisher: IGI Global


Online facilitation has taken on a new facade especially with the evolving virtual learning environments in distance education. The dynamics of online facilitation is an intricate quality assurance process that involves the participation of learners and instructors working together to achieve the stipulated learning outcomes of the course. In view of this, this study attempted to examine the dynamics of online facilitation from the perspectives of experienced tutors engaged in the university's virtual learning environment, WawasanLearn. Based on the interview findings of eight tutors, several emergent findings highlighted the roles and challenges of effective online facilitation. As this research is based on the guidelines of the prominent Salmon's model, the findings also highlighted antecedents that substantiate best practices of online facilitation. Findings indicated that proper understanding on the dynamics of online facilitation among relevant stakeholders is critical to avoid issues of student isolation which is evidently a growing concern in distance learning institutions.


Hsien, O., Eak, A., Vighnarajah, S., Huah, G. & Teik, O. (2016). Qualitative Findings on the Dynamics of Online Facilitation in Distance Education. International Journal of Online Pedagogy and Course Design, 6(4), 1-18. IGI Global. Retrieved April 2, 2023 from .