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An Electronic Web-based Assessment System

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Journal of STEM Education Volume 7, Number 3, ISSN 1557-5284 Publisher: Laboratory for Innovative Technology in Engineering Education (LITEE)


In keeping with the outcome-based assessment outlined by ABET?s Education Criteria 2000, the School of Engineering at the University of Bridgeport has defined fifteen general student outcomes for its computer engineering program. These outcomes form the basis of its instructional program and assessment activities. In assessing and monitoring the attainment of these outcomes, formal assessment tools such as test and quizzes as well as assignment and project reports prove to be major indicators. This study is an attempt to perform the assessment process using the Internet and its capabilities. At the heart of the assessment process lies the assurance of a quality educational experience and the commitment to continued program improvement on part of the faculty and administration. Presented in the paper is a new technique for presentation of relevant materials for accreditation under ABET criteria for Engineering program. The procourse materials from all courses offered in Fall 2002 and Spring 2003 are gathered and organized into separate course websites. Our electronic assessment (e-assessment) system ( is designed and implemented such that it streamlines program improvement and allows the assessment evaluator to browse in a logical and convenient manner starting from the program objectives and outcomes to specific course materials where they are implemented. Program constituents such as the students, faculty, industry advisory board and alumni are also involved in the process. The achievement of the program outcomes and objectives is the underlying goal of the assessment process. The process also proves to be a tool to identify areas of weaknesses in the program. In this paper, the focus is on the program outcomes and how they are achieved at the course level.


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