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[The Computing Teacher. Selected Articles on the use of Microcomputers in Language Arts Instruction.]

Computing Teacher Volume 1983, Number 1, ISSN 0278-9175


This document consists primarily of a compilation of nine articles, on the use of microcomputers in language arts instruction, that have been extracted from 1983-1985 issues of the journal "The Computing Teacher". Also included are various software reviews from the same period. The articles include: "Keyboarding Skills: Elementary, My Dear?" (Keith Wetzel/includes bibiliography); (2) "Keyboarding--A Must in Tomorrow's World" (Evelyn Kisner); (3) "Problems of Computer Assisted Instruction in Composition" (Robert M. Hertz); (4) "Teaching Literature with the Help of Microcomputers" (Elaine McNally Jarchow); (5) "The Electronic Writing Machine: Using Word Processors with Students" (Karen L. Piper); (6) "Computer Haiku: A Classroom Experiment with LOGO in the Language Arts" (Bates Hoffer and Pat Semmes); (7) "Follow 2--A Theme Commentary Program" (Leigh Howard Holmes); (8) "Bank Street Writer--Does the Tool Define the Process or Vice Versa?" (Randall Boone); and (9) "'But What Do I Write?'--Literary Analysis Made Easier" (Helen J. Schwartz/includes sample course syllabus). The second section of the document contains reviews of seven software programs: (1) KidWriter, (2) Story Maker, (3) Bank Street Story Book, (4) Story Tree, (5) Bank Street Writer (3 reviews), (6) Bank Street Speller, and (7) Quill. (JB)


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