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Going Beyond AT Devices: Are AT Services Being Considered?

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Journal of Special Education Technology Volume 23, Number 2, ISSN 0162-6434


While efforts have been made in the last two decades to educate professionals about the nature of assistive technology (AT) devices, successful implementation of technology is impossible without the support and provision of appropriate AT services. The current investigation, designed and conducted by the National Assistive Technology Research Institute, examined the status of AT services delivery for students with disabilities across the nation. Professionals serving students who use AT were asked to report the AT services received by their students. Survey responses from 14 states and 60 school districts revealed three themes: federally defined AT services (40.2%), unclassifiable AT services (19.6%), and services that were not AT services (40.2%). Data were also gathered on the professionals providing AT services, the top three services provided by each professional, and the degree to which school systems were seeking AT services from contracted professionals outside the school system. Findings suggest the need for training and increased awareness of AT services among teachers and other professionals working with students with disabilities.


Bausch, M.E., Ault, M.J., Evmenova, A.S. & Behrmann, M.M. (2008). Going Beyond AT Devices: Are AT Services Being Considered?. Journal of Special Education Technology, 23(2),. Retrieved August 6, 2021 from .