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Issues in Future Distance Educational Research

, Hsing-Kuo University, Taiwan ; , , Hsiuping Institution of Technology, Taiwan ; , Hsing-Kuo University, Taiwan

EdMedia + Innovate Learning, in Montreal, Canada ISBN 978-1-880094-56-3 Publisher: Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE), Waynesville, NC


There is an important need in providing media comparison research in order to adopt the most appropriate media for distance learning, however, beyond the media comparison studies?future researchers should avoid focusing only on a media comparison study and more focusing on learning efficiency in media studies. Various educational technologies allow different levels of interaction to fit their many needs. Therefore, future researchers should examine media attributes in determining what variables influence learning outcomes. It is also pertinent that researchers know how to integrate instructional design in developing effective learning. This paper also discusses the challenges of applying distance educational research results in the Asian society. Having different educational systems, teaching styles, strategies, and learners, the Asian society adopts the most appropriate strategy in developing their distance educational system and confirms their prior research statement as an important step in developing a future global distance learning system.


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