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Online Journal of Distance Learning Administration

2017 Volume 20, Number 4

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  1. How Five Newly Created Reports Using Analytics Informed and Surprised One Distance Learning Administrator

    Scott L. Howell & Beihe Le

    The purpose of this paper is to identify and explain the best practice of using "big data" reports to help distance learning administrators better understand their own programs and... More

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  2. Continuous Improvement in Online Education: Documenting Teaching Effectiveness in the Online Environment through Observations

    Jennifer W. Purcell, Heather I. Scott & Deborah Mixson-Brookshire

    Teaching observations are commonly used among educators to document and improve teaching effectiveness. Unfortunately, the necessary protocols and supporting infrastructure are not consistently... More

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  3. Hidden Aspects of Administration: How Scale Changes the Role of a Distance Education Administrator

    Sarah J. Stein & Bill Anderson

    Distance education research literature tends to focus on building economies of scale as a way to improve efficiency and effectiveness. However, the smaller scale distance education operation has a ... More

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  4. Common Practices for Evaluating Post-Secondary Online Instructors

    Jonathan E. Thomas & Charles R. Graham

    This literature review explores current post-secondary practices for evaluating online instructors. As enrollment of students in online courses has steadily increased over the last few decades,... More

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  5. The Effect of Online Discussion Board Frequency on Student Performance in Adult Learners

    Adam L. Selhorst, Mingzhen Bao, Lorraine Williams & Eric Klein

    Classroom discussion boards are a vital part of the online educational experience, providing a venue for peer to peer and student to faculty interactions. However, institutional feedback from... More

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  6. African American Males and Online Education: A Review of the Literature

    Susan Salvo, Kaye Shelton & Brett Welch

    Online education is continuing to grow in popularity with students with more and more institutions offering fully online degrees. In addition, online education potentially offers a color free... More

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