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Journal of Economic Education

1987 Volume 55, Number 3

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Number of articles: 3

  1. Allocation of Time to Test Items: A Study of Ethnic Differences

    Maria Magdalena Llabre & Terry Wayne Froman

    This study compared 38 Hispanic and 28 Anglo college students with respect to the amount of time allocated to items on a reasoning test administered by microcomputer. Results suggested that a time ... More

    pp. 137-40

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  2. Conditional ANOVA for Mean Differences When Population Variances Are Unknown

    Stephen Olejnik

    This study examined the sampling distribution of the analysis of variance F ratio in the two sample cases when it followed a preliminary test for variance equality. When the population variances... More

    pp. 141-48

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  3. Comparative Power of Student T Test and Mann-Whitney U Test for Unequal Sample Size and Variances

    Donald W. Zimmerman

    A program obtained random samples from known populations, some of which violated the homogeneity assumption. Student t tests and Mann-Whitney U Tests were performed on the sample value. Where the t... More

    pp. 171-74

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