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E-Learning and Digital Media

2013 Volume 10, Number 3

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Number of articles: 8

  1. Factors Influencing Student Satisfaction and Perceived Learning in Online Courses

    Elena Barbera, Marc Clara & Jennifer A. Linder-Vanberschot

    Online education, with its genuine characteristics, has changed the way students experience learning processes. This fact led research to study the aspects of online learning settings that... More

    pp. 226-235

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  2. An Efficient Algorithm for Partitioning and Authenticating Problem-Solutions of eLeaming Contents

    Jahangir Dewan, Morshed Chowdhury & Lynn Batten

    Content authenticity and correctness is one of the important challenges in eLearning as there can be many solutions to one specific problem in cyber space. Therefore, the authors feel it is... More

    pp. 236-241

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  3. Teaching and Learning in a Virtual World

    Barbara J. Guzzetti & Mary Stokrocki

    Although virtual worlds offer teachers the potential to enhance the K-12 curriculum in novel ways, there have been few systematic attempts to instruct teachers about virtual worlds, research their ... More

    pp. 242-259

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  4. A Social Practice Approach to Understanding Teachers' Learning to Use Technology and Digital Literacies in the Classroom

    Judy Kalman & Elsa Guerrero

    Current educational policy in Mexico, as in many other parts of the world, leans heavily on teachers to use computers in their classrooms. This article explores under what conditions teachers are... More

    pp. 260-275

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  5. Contested Frontier: Examining YouTube from a Critical Perspective

    Peter Sampson

    Neoliberalism has become the dominant ideology of our day. As with all ideologies, it influences without drawing attention to itself. Critical pedagogy, with its focus on the oppressed and... More

    pp. 276-284

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  6. A Digital Identity: Creating Uniqueness in a New Contextual Domain

    Anthony Joseph Vella

    Individuals have often used various methods to express who they are and what they represent. Throughout time techniques may have changed but the essential ideas and goals remain the same: how am I ... More

    pp. 285-293

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  7. Faculty Perceptions of Student Performance in the Online Classroom

    Hanan Amro, Gerri M. Maxwell & Lori Kupczynski

    With continually increasing enrollment, and colleges and universities struggling to meet the demand, leaders in education are turning to the web instruction to deliver instruction to students. In... More

    pp. 294-304

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  8. Studying the Impact of Using Multimedia Interactive Programs on Children's Ability to Learn Basic Math Skills

    Sawsan Nusir, Izzat Alsmadi, Mohammed Al-Kabi & Fatima Sharadgah

    The continuous inventions and evolutions in all information technology fields open new channels and opportunities to enhance teaching and educational methods. On one side, these may improve the... More

    pp. 305-319

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