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Canadian Journal of Science, Mathematics and Technology Education

2014 Volume 14, Number 1

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Number of articles: 5

  1. How to Act? a Question of Encapsulating Infinity

    Ami Mamolo

    This article investigates some of the specific features involved in accommodating the idea of actual infinity as it appears in set theory. It focuses on the conceptions of two individuals with... More

    pp. 1-22

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  2. Confidence Trick: The Interpretation of Confidence Intervals

    Colin Foster

    The frequent misinterpretation of the nature of confidence intervals by students has been well documented. This article examines the problem as an aspect of the learning of mathematical definitions... More

    pp. 23-34

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  3. On the Integration of Computer Algebra Systems (CAS) by Canadian Mathematicians: Results of a National Survey

    Chantal Buteau, Daniel H. Jarvis & Zsolt Lavicza

    In this article, we outline the findings of a Canadian survey study (N = 302) that focused on the extent of computer algebra systems (CAS)-based technology use in postsecondary mathematics... More

    pp. 35-57

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  4. Building Mathematical Understanding through Collective Property Noticing

    Jo Towers & Lyndon C. Martin

    In this article we explore the mechanisms through which one group of preservice teachers engage in "Collective Property Noticing"--a phenomenon in which group members integrate individual... More

    pp. 58-75

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  5. "Restorying" Science Education Based on Local Spiritual and Cultural Values: The Case of Ethiopia

    Solomon Belay Faris

    Research demonstrates how enjoyable and meaningful learning is for children when there is smooth transition between home and classroom. This autoethnographic research used in-depth interviews and... More

    pp. 76-91

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