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Journal of Interactive Instruction Development

1995 Volume 8, Number 2

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 5

  1. Interactive Multimedia Design: A Visual Approach

    James Costello

    Description of the development of multimedia computer-based training programs at the State University of New York at Albany highlights the principles of effective visual design, including type... More

    pp. 3-7

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  2. Accelerating the Design Process: A Tool for Instructional Designers

    Bryan L. Chapman

    Discussion of instructional design for training focuses on the lack of tools that support the developmental phases of analysis, design, and evaluation. Topics include a standard instructional... More

    pp. 8-15

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  3. Interface Issues Associated with Using the Internet as a Link to Online Courses

    Laurie P. Dringus

    Discusses interface issues related to challenges of instruction facilitation and student participation and performance in an Internet-accessible online course. Topics include creating a learning... More

    pp. 16-20

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  4. Current Trends in Distance Education

    Richard F. Gaspar & Theron D. Thompson

    Defines distance education; provides a historical background; discusses emerging modes of instruction, including interactive television, computer-mediated communication, electronic mail, and... More

    pp. 21-27

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  5. Electronic Performance Support: "Look Mom! No Training."

    Del Wood

    Describes a framework for designing an electronic performance support system (EPSS) that reduces the requirement for more traditional forms of training. An intervention summary table is provided... More

    pp. 28-34

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