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Teaching and Teacher Education: An International Journal of Research and Studies

Volume 18, Number 1

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Number of articles: 8

  1. The potential benefits of teacher efficacy doubts for educational reform

    Karl F Wheatley

    This paper analyzes the benefits that specific teacher efficacy doubts can have for educational reforms, especially for progressive, meaning-centered reforms. Teachers’ efficacy doubts may support ... More

    pp. 5-22

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  2. The rebbe reworked: an inquiry into the persistence of inherited traditions of teaching

    Alex Pomson

    Although research has consistently shown that culturally embedded archetypes of teaching powerfully shape the ways teachers conceive of their work and lives, it remains unclear why or how these... More

    pp. 23-34

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  3. Implications of missed opportunities for learning and assessment in design and technology education

    Sarah J. Stein, Campbell J. McRobbie & Ian S. Ginns

    Supporting student learning can be difficult, especially within open-ended or loosely structured activities, often seen as valuable for promoting student autonomy in many curriculum areas and... More

    pp. 35-49

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  4. A cognitive strategy for developing pedagogical content knowledge in the secondary mathematics methods course: toward a model of effective practice

    Barbara M Kinach

    This study contributes to an emerging body of research on how to develop prospective teachers’ pedagogical content knowledge (PCK) in teacher education. The main focus is on the knowledge... More

    pp. 51-71

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  5. Capturing complexity: a typology of reflective practice for teacher education

    Joelle K. Jay & Kerri L. Johnson

    Reflection has become an integral part of teacher education, yet its elusive boundaries make it difficult to define and teach. Examining the various facets of reflection with respect to teaching... More

    pp. 73-85

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  6. Cooperative learning and teacher education

    Simon Veenman, Niek van Benthum, Dolly Bootsma, Jildau van Dieren & Nicole van der Kemp

    In this study, the implementation effects of a course on cooperative learning for student teachers are described. The course was conducted at two different teacher education colleges in The... More

    pp. 87-103

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  7. The micropolitics of teacher induction. A narrative-biographical study on teacher socialisation

    Geert Kelchtermans & Katrijn Ballet

    The ‘praxis shock’ of beginning teachers not only has to do with issues at the classroom level, but also with teacher socialisation in the school as an organisation. This thesis was studied with... More

    pp. 105-120

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  8. Teachers as agents of political influence in the Israeli high schools

    Daniel Bar-Tal & Assaf S Harel

    On the assumption that schools serve as agents of political socialization, the present study was designed first to identify those teachers who exert influence on the political attitudes of their... More

    pp. 121-134

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