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Teaching and Teacher Education: An International Journal of Research and Studies

Volume 17, Number 8

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Number of articles: 7

  1. Authority, power, and morality in classroom discourse

    Cary Buzzelli & Bill Johnston

    This paper examines the complex relationships among authority, power, and morality in classroom discourse. We begin by suggesting that teacher authority is an ever-present feature of classroom... More

    pp. 873-884

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  2. What constitutes becoming experienced in teaching and learning?

    James C. Field & Margaret Macintyre Latta

    In this paper, we attempt to address one of the central questions for teachers and teaching: how is it that teachers are able to see and act appropriately in concrete circumstances? To do so, we... More

    pp. 885-895

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  3. Does the first year of teaching have to be a bad one? A case study of success

    Edward Hebert & Terry Worthy

    During the past two decades, researchers have shown considerable interest in teachers engaged in their first year of employment, a career phase believed to have long-term implications for teaching ... More

    pp. 897-911

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  4. A role for practising teachers in initial teacher education

    Peter Cope & Christine Stephen

    This paper discusses the problems which can arise from the location of initial teacher education in two contexts, namely higher education and schools. An attempt to reduce the resulting dissonance ... More

    pp. 913-924

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  5. From cohort to community in a preservice teacher education program

    Clive Beck & Clare Kosnik

    It is often suggested that student teachers be placed in cohorts during their preservice program. In this paper we describe how we implemented a cohort model and examine the effects on our student ... More

    pp. 925-948

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  6. Changing values: what use are theories of language learning and teaching?

    Malcolm MacDonald, Richard Badger & Goodith White

    This paper is a response to the common perception by student teachers that the research and theory courses on their program are overtheoretical and unrelated to classroom practice. While there is... More

    pp. 949-963

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  7. Metaphors as blueprints of thinking about teaching and learning

    Marı́a A Martı́nez, Narcı́s Sauleda & Güenter L Huber

    This study analyses the metaphorical conceptions of learning based on the reflections of 50 experienced teachers in an evening course on instructional psychology. The metaphors were achieved by... More

    pp. 965-977

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