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International Journal of Educational Development

Volume 27, Number 3

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Number of articles: 8

  1. Language, education and ethnicity: Whose rights will prevail in an age of globalisation?

    Keith Watson

    Education and ethnicity cannot be discussed without taking language into account. This paper will argue that any discussion of ethnic minorities cannot ignore the question of language, nor can any ... More

    pp. 252-265

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  2. Education, horizontal inequalities and ethnic relations in Nigeria

    Ukoha Ukiwo

    The article focuses on the role of higher education in generating or mitigating inequality among ethno-regional groups and its impact on ethnic relations with evidence from Nigeria. It shows that... More

    pp. 266-281

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  3. Difference, diversity and difficulty: problems in adult peace education in Northern Ireland

    Paul Nolan

    The peace process in Northern Ireland has been hailed, variously, as the successful resolution to one of the world's most intractable conflicts, and as a failed attempt to reconcile the conflicting... More

    pp. 282-291

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  4. Education for democracy in Israel: Structural impediments and basic dilemmas

    Benyamin Neuberger

    Research in Israel has shown a high level of non-democratic, and even anti-democratic, attitudes among Israeli high-school students. Similar findings in the adult population indicate that this is... More

    pp. 292-305

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  5. Building citizenship in fragmented societies: The challenges of deracialising and integrating schools in post-Apartheid South Africa

    David Johnson

    Soon after the collapse of Apartheid, the new government in South Africa set about restructuring the educational system, which was previously segregated by race, class and language. This paper... More

    pp. 306-317

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  6. Making ethnic citizens: The politics and practice of education in Malaysia

    Graham K. Brown

    This paper examines the politics and practice of education in Malaysia within the context of ethnicity and nation building. Public education in Malaysia—particularly, but not exclusively, at the... More

    pp. 318-330

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  7. Ethnicity, identity and educational achievement in Mexico

    Pedro Flores-Crespo

    Identity is central for research on education since, under certain conditions, it may influence school choice, career preferences and classroom behaviour. Identity also determines disposition... More

    pp. 331-339

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  8. Education and conflict: Essay review

    Julia Paulson & Jeremy Rappleye

    This review essay looks at three recent publications in the emerging field of ‘education and conflict’ and explores an apparent gap between theory and practice in the field. Recent works by... More

    pp. 340-347

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