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Economics of Education Review

Volume 24, Number 4

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Number of articles: 9

  1. Beauty in the classroom: instructors’ pulchritude and putative pedagogical productivity

    Daniel S. Hamermesh & Amy Parker

    Adjusted for many other determinants, beauty affects earnings; but does it lead directly to the differences in productivity that we believe generate earnings differences? We take a large sample of ... More

    pp. 369-376

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  2. Who teaches whom? Race and the distribution of novice teachers

    Charles T. Clotfelter, Helen F. Ladd & Jacob Vigdor

    This paper focuses on one potentially important contributor to the achievement gap between black and white students, differences in their exposure to novice teachers. We present a model that... More

    pp. 377-392

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  3. Making SAT scores optional in selective college admissions: a case study

    Michael Robinson & James Monks

    Despite heightened scrutiny of the use of standardized tests in college admissions, there has been little public empirical analysis of the effects of an optional SAT score submission policy on... More

    pp. 393-405

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  4. Optimal scale of a public elementary school with commuting costs—a case study of Taipei county

    Hung-Lin Tao & Ming-Ching Yuan

    This study demonstrates the importance of commuting costs while determining the optimal school scale. It is found that, without commuting costs, the elementary schools in Taipei county are... More

    pp. 407-416

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  5. The short term effect of educational debt on job decisions

    Alexandra Minicozzi

    This paper studies the effect of educational debt on a college attendee's future wage and wage growth. I hypothesize that those who took larger loans to pay for college are subject to higher... More

    pp. 417-430

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  6. Teacher salaries and teacher attrition

    Jennifer Imazeki

    This paper examines teacher labor mobility within and out of the teaching profession. Previous studies of teacher mobility treat attrition as a binary choice where inter-district transfers are... More

    pp. 431-449

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  7. Charter school location

    Gerhard Glomm, Douglas Harris & Te-Fen Lo

    Charter schools represent one part of the larger movement toward parental choice in education, which is intended to improve school efficiency and innovation. We hypothesize that the number of... More

    pp. 451-457

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  8. In-school work experience and the returns to two-year and four-year colleges

    Christopher J. Molitor & Duane E. Leigh

    Building on the existing education literature, we address two interrelated questions. First, how sensitive are estimated returns to two-year and four-year colleges to the inclusion of in-school... More

    pp. 459-468

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  9. Determining demand for university education in Ontario by type of student

    Richard E. Mueller & Duane Rockerbie

    We specify and estimate a demand equation for university education in Canada that is a function of tuition fees, real disposable income per capita and other variables that capture a student's... More

    pp. 469-483

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