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Instructional Science: An International Journal of the Learning Sciences

2016 Volume 44, Number 5

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Number of articles: 4

  1. "Seamlessly" Learning Chinese: Contextual Meaning Making and Vocabulary Growth in a Seamless Chinese as a Second Language Learning Environment

    Lung-Hsiang Wong, Ronnel B. King, Ching Sing Chai & May Liu

    Second language learners are typically hampered by the lack of a natural environment to use the target language for authentic communication purpose (as a means for "learning by applying")... More

    pp. 399-422

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  2. Disentangling Intensity from Breadth of Science Interest: What Predicts Learning Behaviors?

    Meghan Bathgate & Christian Schunn

    Overall interest in science has been argued to drive learner participation and engagement. However, there are other important aspects of interest such as breadth of interest within a science domain... More

    pp. 423-440

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  3. Synergies: Effects of Source Representation and Goal Instructions on Evidence Quality, Reasoning, and Conceptual Integration during Argumentation-Driven Inquiry

    So Mi Kim & Michael J. Hannafin

    This study examined how differing instructional scaffolding influenced the actual use of evaluation skills to improve argumentation quality during college science inquiry. Source representation... More

    pp. 441-476

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  4. Developing Argumentation Skills in Mathematics through Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning: The Role of Transactivity

    Freydis Vogel, Ingo Kollar, Stefan Ufer, Elisabeth Reichersdorfer, Kristina Reiss & Frank Fischer

    Collaboration scripts and heuristic worked examples are effective means to scaffold university freshmen's mathematical argumentation skills. Yet, which collaborative learning processes are... More

    pp. 477-500

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