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International Journal of Designs for Learning

Feb 03, 2016 Volume 7, Number 1

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Number of articles: 7

  1. Design of a Socio-scientific Issue Curriculum Unit: Antibiotic Resistance, Natural Selection, and Modeling

    Patricia Friedrichsen, Troy Sadler, Kerri Graham & Pamela Brown

    In this design case, we describe our work to design and develop a socio-scientific issue (SSI) based unit of instruction for use in high school biology. Our team includes university based science... More

  2. SURGE’s Evolution Deeper into Formal Representations: The Siren’s Call of Popular Game-Play Mechanics

    Douglas Clark, Satyugjit Virk, Pratim Sengupta, Corey Brady, Mario Martinez-Garza, Kara Krinks, Stephen Killingsworth, John Kinnebrew, Gautam Biswas, Jacqueline Barnes, James Minstrell, Brian Nelson, Kent Slack & Cynthia D'Angelo

    We have iteratively designed and researched five digital games focusing on Newtonian dynamics for middle school classrooms during the past seven years. The designs have evolved dramatically in... More

  3. Bioinformatics in the K-8 Classroom: Designing Innovative Activities for Teacher Implementation

    Michele Shuster, Kira Claussen, Melly Locke & Krista Glazewski

    At the intersection of biology and computer science is the growing field of bioinformatics—the analysis of complex datasets of biological relevance. Despite the increasing importance of... More

  4. Motivating Students' STEM Learning Using Biographical Information

    Janet Ahn, Myra Luna-Lucero, Marianna Lamnina, Miriam Nightingale, Daniel Novak & Xiaodong Lin-Siegler

    Science instruction has focused on teaching students scientific content knowledge and problem-solving skills. However, even the best content instruction does not guarantee improved learning, as... More

  5. Framing, Reframing, and Teaching: Design Decisions Before, During and Within a Project-based Unit

    Vanessa Svihla, Richard Reeve, Jamie Field, Wendell Lane, Jamie Collins & Abigail Stiles

    This design case follows the instructional planning and decision making before and during a nine-week project-based unit co-taught by three of the authors at a not-for-profit charter high school in... More

  6. Taking Students on a Journey to El Yunque

    Steven McGee & Jess Zimmerman

    As the developers of Journey to El Yunque, we have taken a different approach to the process of designing a science curriculum. Rather than start with a specific set of concepts or skills to target... More

  7. Enacting a Reform-Based Science Curriculum: Design Changes to Extend Inquiry

    Charles Eick & Michael Dias

    The first author re-entered the middle grades classroom to teach a new National Science Foundation (NSF) physical science curriculum that was designed to foster conceptual change through a... More

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