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E-Learn 2011--World Conference on E-Learning in Corporate, Government, Healthcare, and Higher Education

Oct 18, 2011


Curtis Ho; Meng-Fen Grace Lin

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  1. Findings from Net Geners’ Multi-Modal and Multi-Task Learning

    Robert Zheng, University of Utah, United States

    The paper focuses on an important aspect in Net Geners’ learning, that is, multi-modal/multi-task learning. The findings of the study revealed that multi-tasks can induce high cognitive load thus... More

    pp. 489-493

  2. Towards Personalised and Adaptive Multimedia in M-learning Systems

    Arghir-Nicolae Moldovan & Cristina Hava Muntean, National College of Ireland, Ireland

    Apart being one of the key factors driving m-learning acceptance, the new generations of powerful and affordable devices also contribute to a fast increase in educational multimedia content... More

    pp. 782-791

  3. Students’ Perceptions of Online Learning and Instructional Tools: A Qualitative Study of Undergraduate Students Use of Online Tools

    David Armstrong, University of San Francisco, United States

    The purpose of this study was to describe undergraduate students' experiences and perceptions of online courses based on interviews, observations, and online focus groups. I describe (a)... More

    pp. 1034-1039

  4. Student-Centered Library Instruction: An Assessment of Online Graduate Students’ Information Literacy Skills and Needs

    Swapna Kumar & Marilyn Ochoa, University of Florida, Gainesville, United States

    With the increasing number of online programs offered by institutions of higher education, it is important to find ways to provide information literacy instruction to support off-campus students... More

    pp. 2002-2009

  5. “Green” Training: Chronicling the Reuse of Government Healthcare Instruction

    David Twitchell, Department of Veteran's Affairs, United States; Mitchell Seal & Christopher Lynch, US Navy, United States

    Abstract: This paper documents and reports the success of the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs—Veterans Health Administration’s efforts to share training on a large scale. It reports on the... More

    pp. 2260-2269

  6. Supporting the Online Adjunct in Higher Education: A Delphi Study

    Marie Larcara, Canisius College, United States

    Despite the continued growth of distance education, many institutions have not considered how best to support and develop online adjunct faculty. As numbers of online adjunct faculty increase,... More

    pp. 2387-2398