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Analyzing Agricultural Technology Systems: A Research Report
Statewide Evaluation Report on Productivity Project Studies Related to Improved Use of Technology To Extend Educational Programs. Sub-Report Two: Distance Education in Elementary and Secondary Schools. A Review of Literature
Information Technology and the Educational System: I. Implications for Organizational Development. Technical Report. No. 10
Variables--An Obstacle to Children Learning Computer Programming. Technical Report No. 8
Reaction Time and Self-Report Psychopathological Assessment: Convergent and Discriminant Validity
Some Procedures for Computerized Ability Testing. Project Psychometric Aspects of Item Banking No. 13. Research Report 86-10
Reporting for Effective Decisionmaking
Keewatin Region Educational Authority Pilot Education Project: Computer-Assisted Learning. Preliminary Final Report
Beyond Amplification: Using the Computer To Reorganize Mental Functioning. Technical Report No. 38
Technology in the Service of Creativity: Computer Assisted Writing Project--Stetson Middle School, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Final Report
Computerization and U.S. Collegiate Journalism Education: A Preliminary Report
Some Technical Aspects of Providing Computerized Feedback Reports
Computers in Curricula Program for Networked College Level Writing Process Instruction: A First Year Report
Teaching Technology: Creating Environments for Change. Technical Report No. 45
The Palenque Optical Disc Prototype: Design of Multimedia Experiences for Education and Entertainment in a Nontraditional Learning Context. Technical Report No. 44
Research and Design Issues Concerning the Development of Educational Software for Children. Technical Report No. 14
Software in the Classroom: Issues in the Design of Effective Software Tools. Technical Report No. 15
Simultaneous Optimization of Decisions Using a Linear Utility Function. Research Report 88-15
Challenges of Formative Testing: Conducting Situated Research in Classrooms. Technical Report No. 48
Computers in the Classroom: A Status Report