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A Report from the Barricades of the Computer Revolution on Campus
Education and Training in Japan in the Cybernetic Age. Program Report No. 85-B2
A Study of Analogy and Person in Computer Documentation. Preliminary Report
Answers That Raise Questions: Report on a Survey of Computer Use in Composition Instruction
Uses of the Computer in Teaching the Composing Process. 1985 Annual Report of the NCTE Committee on Instructional Technology
Microcomputer Training for Faculty: A Humane Approach. A Progress Report
Optional and Required Text Review Strategies and Their Interaction with Student Characteristics. Technical Report No. 5
Reference and Reference Failures. Technical Report No. 398
The Second National Survey of Instructional Uses of School Computers: A Preliminary Report
Microcomputer Applications in Education--A Report-in-Brief about Current Issues and Approaches in the Federal Republic of Germany
Computers and the Writing Process: A Comparative Protocol Study. CDC Technical Report No. 34
Educational Data Base and School Profile Reports
Cognitive, Pedagogic, and Financial Implications of Word Processing in a Freshman English Program: A Report on Two Years of a Longitudinal Study. AIR 1986 Annual Forum Paper
Assessed Effectiveness of the Computer-Assisted Study Skills Improvement Program (CASSIP) as Reported by Program Directors
Teleconferencing for Distance Education and Training: Is the Open University Experience Typical? Optel Report No. 16
Videotex in Education: The British Situation. Optel Report No. 15
Cognitive Technologies for Mathematics Education. Technical Report No. 37
Investigating the Effects of Human Factors on the Outcomes of a Library Computer Literacy Program. Final Report
Statusbericht zur Aus- und Fortbildung in der Information und Dokumentation und in der Informationswissenschaft in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland und Berlin (West) (Status Report on Education and Training in Information and Documentation and in the Field of Information Science in West...
Future Technologies Needs Analysis. An Air University Staff Report