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21st Century Literacy Summit
NMC Horizon Report: 2004 Higher Education Edition
NMC Horizon Report: 2004 Higher Ed Edition
Elusive Vision: Challenges Impeding the Learning Object Economy
The Learning Object Landscape
Academic Libraries: 2010. First Look. NCES 2012-365
Access to Algebra I: The Effects of Online Mathematics for Grade 8 Students. NCEE 2012-4021
Military Service Members and Veterans: A Profile of Those Enrolled in Undergraduate and Graduate Education in 2007-08. Stats in Brief. NCES 2011-163
Learning at a Distance: Undergraduate Enrollment in Distance Education Courses and Degree Programs. Stats in Brief. NCES 2012-154
Third International Mathematics and Science Study 1999 Video Study Technical Report: Volume 1--Mathematics. Technical Report. NCES 2003-012
Third International Mathematics and Science Study 1999 Video Study Technical Report: Volume 2--Science. Technical Report. NCES 2011-049
Crime, Violence, Discipline, and Safety in U.S. Public Schools. Findings from the School Survey on Crime and Safety: 2009-10. First Look. NCES 2011-320
DOD Education Benefits: Further Actions Needed to Improve Oversight of Tuition Assistance Program
How the Shining Star Project Improved Mathematics and Science Learning with the Inclusion of Data-Loggers and Teacher Professional Development in Greater Clark Schools
Distance Education Courses for Public Elementary and Secondary School Students: 2009-10. First Look. NCES 2012-008
Rates of Computer and Internet Use by Children in Nursery School and Students in Kindergarten through Twelfth Grade: 2003. Issue Brief. NCES 2005-111
Digest of Education Statistics, 2010. NCES 2011-015
Student Reports of Bullying and Cyber-Bullying: Results from the 2007 School Crime Supplement to the National Crime Victimization Survey. Web Tables. NCES 2011-316
Accelerated Math[TM]. What Works Clearinghouse Intervention Report
Forum Guide to Ensuring Equal Access to Education Websites: Introduction to Electronic Information Accessibility Standards. NFES 2011-807
Impact of the Thinking Reader[R] Software Program on Grade 6 Reading Vocabulary, Comprehension, Strategies, and Motivation: Final Report. NCEE 2010-4035