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Maryland's Statewide Educational Technology Network: Description & Evaluation. Research & Evaluation Report
Progress Reports Improve Students' Course Completion Rate and Achievement in Math Computer-Assisted Instruction
Towards 2000: Informatics in Education. CITE Report No. 72
Five Experiments on EFL Vocabulary Learning: A Project Report
Reflexibility in Problem Solving: The Social Context of Expertise. Report No. 13
Microcomputers and Classroom Organization: The More Things Change the More They Change Each Other. Interactive Technology Laboratory Report #10
The Educational Potential of Computer Networking. Interactive Technology Laboratory Report #16
Feasibility Study on Distance Learning in a Wider Europe. (Interim Report 1990)
Pennsylvania In-Service Technology Education: Past, Present and Future. A Status Report of the Regional Computer Resource Center at Temple University
The Information Society and Education: Synthesis of the National Reports
Literacy and the Science Classroom. Technical Report No. 51
A School-College Consultation Model for Integration of Technology and Whole Language in Elementary Science Instruction. Field Study Report No. 1991.A.BAL, Christopher Columbus Consortium Project
Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning: Problem Solving and Distance Education. Centre for Information Technology in Education (CITE) Report No. 75
Considering the Effect on Women Students of an Increased Use of Microcomputers in Distance Education. CITE Report No. 28
The Utilization of Instructional Media and Technology in the Teaching of U.S. History: A Research Report
Tutoring Mathematical Word Problems Using Solution Trees: Text Comprehension, Situation Comprehension, and Mathematization in Solving Story Problems. Research Report No. 8
Computers on the Border: Case Studies from Three "Nations"--Quebec, The Foundry, and New England. Research Report
Rationales and Futures for Computers in African Schools and Universities. CITE Report No. 100
Intelligent Computer-Aided Instruction and Musical Performance Skills. CITE Report No. 18
A Knowledge-Based Tutor for Music Composition. CITE Report No. 16