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Dive Right In, The Gaming Is Fine!

, Pennsylvania State University, United States


Too often schools turn games away at the gate. Educational games and simulations can be powerful, but too often the kids are turned off by the traditional educational games. Perhaps taking kids where they are, with commercially available and motivating games shouldn't be off the table. There are many reasons why we are nervous about using games in classrooms– they can be seen to contribute to classroom disharmony because they are competitive, or misbehaviors because they are violent. This presentation will give a fresh look at gaming in the classroom: namely a positive spin on it as a very important tool to change the culture of schools and to truly re-engage students who have been left behind. Gaming may worthy of serious consideration rather than dismissed as dangerous or evil. Gaming has the potential to change classroom dynamics significantly, moving traditional teaching into a space of constructivist learning, coaching and scaffolding. This is one exciting opportunity that will be explored in this open discussion on gaming in the classroom.


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