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Academic computing at Malaysian colleges

, , , Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Malaysia

IJEDICT Volume 3, Number 2, ISSN 1814-0556 Publisher: Open Campus, The University of the West Indies, West Indies


The paper describes the state of academic computing based on a survey participated by 62 Malaysian colleges. The questionnaire used in the survey was based on the academic computing assessment framework developed by Mokhtar et al. (2006). The survey incorporated 46 indicators encompassing six academic computing areas: 1) ICT Vision, Plan, Policies and Standards; 2) ICT Infrastructure; 3) Teaching and Learning Using ICT; 4) Researching Using ICT; 5) Information Services; and 6) Institutional ICT Support. Overall, 31 colleges (50%) reported having low or very low performance. At 20 colleges (32%), the performance was moderate. Only 11 colleges (18%) successfully achieved high or very high performance.


Mokhtar, S., Alias, R. & Abdul Rahman, A. (2007). Academic computing at Malaysian colleges. International Journal of Education and Development using ICT, 3(2), 30-56. Open Campus, The University of the West Indies, West Indies. Retrieved February 22, 2019 from .