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Parallel Oppressions

Journal of Culture and Values in Education Volume 2, Number 1, e-ISSN Publisher: Journal of Culture and Values in Education


Schooling is generally a culture, a context, where there are particular behaviors that are allowable and those that are not. What we allow, recommend, and encourage for both our students and teachers says a great deal about what our society believes about freedom, empowerment, politics, and controversy. This article shares a theoretical view of the authoritarian school structure and its impact on both students and teachers. While this is a primarily theoretical piece, the author also shares examples from current research that paint a picture of the unfortunate teacher-society and teacher-student interactions, but also the potential for meaningful human engagement.


Jones, A. (2019). Parallel Oppressions. Journal of Culture and Values in Education, 2(1), 18-33. Retrieved February 5, 2023 from .