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The lifelong learning game: season ticket or free transfer?

Computers & Education Volume 38, Number 1, ISSN 0360-1315 Publisher: Elsevier Ltd


This paper is a revised version of the keynote lecture given at CAL2001. Drawing upon a range of examples, it argues that learning through ICT has much in common with learning in informal environments, such as museums and science centres. There, emphasis is less on the transmission of authoritative expert knowledge and more on empowering learners to develop their own skills of observation, enquiry and interpretation. ICT, it is argued, does not merely facilitate lifelong learning, but, with its power for democracy and differentiation by learner choice, makes possible completely new kinds of pedagogy. These concentrate, not on models of curriculum deficit, but on learning how to learn.


Hawkey, R. (2002). The lifelong learning game: season ticket or free transfer?. Computers & Education, 38(1), 5-20. Elsevier Ltd. Retrieved July 17, 2019 from .

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