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The effectiveness of wikis for project-based learning in different disciplines in higher education

, , Faculty of Education, Hong Kong ; , Faculty of Arts, Hong Kong ; , Department of Mechanical Engineering, Hong Kong ; , , , Faculty of Education, Hong Kong

Internet and Higher Education Volume 33, Number 1, ISSN 1096-7516 Publisher: Elsevier Ltd


Concerning the effectiveness of using wikis for project-based learning in higher education, this study compared the perceptions and actions among students in three undergraduate courses of different disciplines, English Language Studies, Information Management, and Mechanical Engineering, who used wikis in their course assignments. Using a triangulation methodology, the study shows that students mostly hold positive attitudes towards the use of wikis for project-based learning. However, significant differences exist in 5 aspects, such as “Motivation” and “Knowledge Management”, in the questionnaire among all participants. Additionally, the level of participation and core actions on the wikis vary among students of the three disciplines. These findings can be explained by the variations in participants' previous learning experiences, their technical backgrounds and the relationship between learning goals and collaborative learning. A series of insights are offered in the context of the use of wikis in project-based learning in higher education.


Chu, S.K.W., Zhang, Y., Chen, K., Chan, C.K., Lee, C.W.Y., Zou, E. & Lau, W. (2017). The effectiveness of wikis for project-based learning in different disciplines in higher education. Internet and Higher Education, 33(1), 49-60. Elsevier Ltd. Retrieved November 28, 2020 from .

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