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Setting up the Interactive Educational Process in Higher Education


IJESE Volume 11, Number 15, ISSN 1306-3065


This article aims to discuss the opportunities in the interactive teaching in higher education. The study presents the methodological approach of understanding the notions of "teaching technology" and "interactive teaching methods". The originality of the study consists in the authors' definition of the situation in "the conceptual didactic field" and their proposal of classifying interactive teaching methods. The authors have also explored endless possibilities for setting up the interactive educational process of non-entertaining interactive teaching methods. The issue of implementing interactive teaching methods and techniques in higher education concerns, in the narrow sense, encouraging teachers to perfectly master the specialized terminology and to communicate in the same "teaching" language; and, in the broad sense, the approach to evaluating quality of teaching in a higher education institution, since interactivity is in demand among students, making this institution more competitive in the educational services industry (related to the "word of mouth" phenomenon when modern students' emotions and impressions about an interesting activity are reinforced by professional knowledge which is a must on the job market).The findings obtained provide a conclusive proof that clear and scientifically grounded organization of the educational process in a higher education institution is a prerequisite for the formation of a professionally orientated psychologist as an individual. The contents of the educational process must be interrelated, complementing each other, which will allow for comprehensive and purposeful development of the process.


Ponomariova, O.N. & Vasin?, O.N. (2016). Setting up the Interactive Educational Process in Higher Education. International Journal of Environmental and Science Education, 11(15), 8617-8627. Retrieved October 16, 2019 from .

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