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Flips and Flops: A New Approach to a Traditional Law Course


Journal of Legal Studies Education Volume 32, Number 2, ISSN 0896-5811


In this article, the authors describe how they tried a new approach to the traditional undergraduate law course that can change the daily classroom experience into one that both students and professor anticipate and enjoy and can move the students from passive to active learning: flipping the class for the Legal Environment of Business course. The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) accreditation standards on learning and teaching adopted in 2013 include the requirements that "students engage in experiential and active learning designed to improve skills and the application of knowledge in practice" and that there be "high levels of interaction between and among learners, as well as between and among teachers and learners." The flipped law course meets these expectations by including discussion of current events, classroom participation by the students, application of legal principles to business problems through group exercises, student preparedness, and an overall enjoyment of each class period by both the professor and students. Students read and view assigned materials outside of class so that class time can be used for other activities that teach the students to apply legal principles to simulated business situations. Part II of this article explains the history of the flipped classroom, and Part III discusses the pedagogical importance of innovative teaching methods like the flipped classroom to the student experience. Part IV provides a look at the flipped classroom preparations and experiences of the authors with sufficient details to allow for others to duplicate their efforts, as well as the experiences of their students, including results of student surveys on the flipped classroom concept. Part V provides a conclusion that considers the success of the flipped classroom.


Marcum, T.M. & Perry, S.J. (2015). Flips and Flops: A New Approach to a Traditional Law Course. Journal of Legal Studies Education, 32(2), 255-286. Retrieved March 27, 2023 from .

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