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Elementary Teacher Education through Distance Mode

, CASE, M.S.U iliversi~V. adodara ; , FEP, M.S. University, Vadodara

Indian Journal of Open Learning Volume 16, Number 2, ISSN 0971-2690 Publisher: Indira Gandhi National Open University


Abstract: Teaching as a profession can also be described as an occupation which provides highly specialised intellectual services. So the teaching profession is based on long specialised intellectual training representing a high degree of creative thought and contributing to the development of a wide range of research specialists. Learning by teachers does not end with acquiring university degrees but continuous training and growth in their knowledge is required for professional development. Professional development of teachers includes their pedagogical skills and mastering of a subject. This entitles the teacher to become a member of the teaching profession. A teacher has to grow in knowledge by his/her own efforts by reading professional journals, books, through community surveys, research projects, summer schools, refresher courses, conferences, workshops, seminars, group discussions, symposium, field trips, etc. The avenues available are the NCERT, RIEs, CIET, NUEPA, SCERTs, DIETS, CTEs and IASEs. Though these institutions give training to the teachers, they have some respective shortcomings too. In this paper, the authors have suggested how these shortcomings can be overcome, if distance education is used for training. In order to make the teaching-learning process effective and interesting as well as to make educational facilities available in the Femote areas, the conventional modes and methods of teaching are not adequate for providing Education To All. The authors have also suggested numerous alternatives that can be planned and proposed to address both the quantity and quality of teacher education in the country


Kothari, R.G. & Dinker, G. (2007). Elementary Teacher Education through Distance Mode. Indian Journal of Open Learning, 16(2), 143-158. Indira Gandhi National Open University. Retrieved January 18, 2021 from .