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Learner Perceptions of Continuous Assessment in the Bachelor Degree Programme of IGNOU

, , School of Science, indira Gandhi National Open University New, Delhi, India

Indian Journal of Open Learning Volume 16, Number 2, ISSN 0971-2690 Publisher: Indira Gandhi National Open University


Abstract: Assessment is one of the key factors of any teaching-learning process. The right kind of assessment system increases learners' learning and understanding within their programme of study. The purpose of this study was to investigate learners' perception about the use of continuous assessment in the Bachelor Degree Programme (BDP) of lndira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU). Data analysis of the questionnaires and interviews showed that majority of learners were in favour of continuous assessment. This assessment component helped them in enhancing learning and in the preparation for termend examinations. The findings suggest that learners hold strong view about different continuous assessment formats. In this respect, learners favoured short and objective type questions over long answer type questions. The crucial part of any continuous assessment activity is the degree to which learners receive timely and effective feedback. This study indicated that majority of BDP learners were not receiving proper and timely feedback on assignments. Another major problem associated with the implementation of continuous assessment was lack of timely reflection of marks or grades in the final Grade Card. Learners also suggested that continuous assessment components should be better linked with the corresponding term-end examination.


Tripathi, P. & Fozdar, B. (2007). Learner Perceptions of Continuous Assessment in the Bachelor Degree Programme of IGNOU. Indian Journal of Open Learning, 16(2), 113-128. Indira Gandhi National Open University. Retrieved January 22, 2021 from .