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Collaborative Calibrated Peer Assessment in Massive Open Online Courses

, , , LabSTIC Laboratory, University 8 May 1945 Guelma, Guelma, Algeria

IJDET Volume 16, Number 1, ISSN 1539-3100 Publisher: IGI Global


The free nature and open access courses in the Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) allow the facilities of disseminating information for a large number of participants. However, the “massive” propriety can generate many pedagogical problems, such as the assessment of learners, which is considered as the major difficulty facing in the MOOC. In fact, the immense number of learners who exceeded in some MOOC the hundreds of thousands make the instructors' evaluation of students' production quite impossible. In this work, the authors present a new approach for assessing the learners' production in MOOC. This approach combines the peer assessment with the collaborative learning and the calibrated method. It aims at increasing the degree of trust in peer-assessment. For evaluating the proposed approach, the authors implemented a MOOC dedicated for learning algorithms. In addition, an experiment was conducted during two months for knowing the effects of the proposed approach. The obtained results are presented in this paper. They are judged as very interesting and encouraging.


Lafifi, Y., Boudria, A. & Bordjiba, Y. (2018). Collaborative Calibrated Peer Assessment in Massive Open Online Courses. International Journal of Distance Education Technologies, 16(1), 76-102. IGI Global. Retrieved June 4, 2020 from .