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Recognizing Value of Mobile Device for Learning

, Ewha Womans University, Seoul, Korea (South) ; , Penn State University, State College, PA, United States

IJOPCD Volume 4, Number 3, ISSN 2155-6873 Publisher: IGI Global


This study defines a mobile device as a contemporary learning tool and learning environment and focuses on the factors' influencing on users' perceptions of mobile learning and the characteristics of informal learning available for a use of mobile device for learning. The major findings are the following: First, the longer participants are engaged with mobile device, the more they will view that mobile device as valuable for learning. Next, whoever defines knowledge in a broader sense expects to use mobile devices longer time and in turn see the value of that device for learning more positively. Users' initial learning-related perception seems to influence their recognition and behavior toward mobile learning. Lastly, participants' major learning activities are self-directed while incidental learning is also meaningfully recognized. Participants' recognition of incidental learning can predict one's recognition of the value of mobile devices for learning.


Park, Y. & Jung, Y. (2014). Recognizing Value of Mobile Device for Learning. International Journal of Online Pedagogy and Course Design, 4(3), 66-81. IGI Global. Retrieved September 26, 2022 from .