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Modeling and Evaluating Tutors' Function using Data Mining and Fuzzy Logic Techniques

, , , LabSTIC Laboratory, Guelma University, Guelma, Algeria

IJWLTT Volume 11, Number 2, ISSN 1548-1093 Publisher: IGI Global


In e-learning systems, the tutors play many roles and carry out several tasks that differ from one system to another. The activity of tutoring is influenced by many factors. One factor among them is the assignment of the appropriate profile to the tutor. For this reason, the authors propose a new approach for modeling and evaluating the function of the tutors. This technique facilitates the classification among tutors for adapting tutoring to student's problems. The component of the proposed tutor model is a set of profiles which are responsible for representing the necessary information about each tutor. A fuzzy logic technique is used in order to define tutor's tutoring profile. Furthermore, the K nearest neighbor algorithm is used to offer much information for each new tutor based on the models of other similar tutors. This new approach has been tested by tutors from an Algerian University. The first results were very encouraging and sufficient. They indicate that the use of fuzzy logic technique is very useful and estimate the adaptation of the tutoring process according to tutors' skills.


Bendjebar, S., Lafifi, Y. & Seridi, H. (2016). Modeling and Evaluating Tutors' Function using Data Mining and Fuzzy Logic Techniques. International Journal of Web-Based Learning and Teaching Technologies, 11(2), 39-60. IGI Global. Retrieved March 5, 2021 from .