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Digital Writing Spaces as Rhetorical Locales of Invention

, Oakland University, Rochester, MI, United States

IJOPCD Volume 6, Number 1, ISSN 2155-6873 Publisher: IGI Global


This article examines the shifting nature of invention with digital infrastructure as a rhetorical locale for composing writing collaboratively. Because composing collaboratively involves inquiry, the article examines the framework for a successful community of inquiry in a digital space already predisposed to engaging interconnected communities, local and global. Thus, the article examines how digital locales of invention, by virtue of their accessible nature, engage wider communities, making composing with and for an active audience possible.


Walwema, J. (2016). Digital Writing Spaces as Rhetorical Locales of Invention. International Journal of Online Pedagogy and Course Design, 6(1), 60-72. IGI Global. Retrieved September 25, 2022 from .