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Investigating Adolescent Bloggers from the Perspective of Creative Subculture

, Athabasca University, Canada ; , , National Central University, Taiwan

IJOPCD Volume 1, Number 2, ISSN 2155-6873 Publisher: IGI Global


This study focuses on the phenomenon of adolescent bloggers’ creativity from adolescent peers’ viewpoints. The participants are five twelve- to eighteen-year-old adolescent bloggers who continue managing their blogs. Online questionnaire and semi-structure interviews have been conducted to get participants’ ratings on their perceptions of creativity about themselves and peers. The results suggest that (1) the definition of creativity among adolescent bloggers is novel, useful, and valuable; (2) creativity can be enhanced from doing learning activities and practicing; and, (3) blog serves as a place where adolescents can present their works and also communicate with peers.


Chang, M., Chang, Y.F. & Liu, E. (2011). Investigating Adolescent Bloggers from the Perspective of Creative Subculture. International Journal of Online Pedagogy and Course Design, 1(2), 31-45. IGI Global. Retrieved November 21, 2019 from .