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An Integrated Framework for Sustainable Schools

, College of Foreign Languages, Huzhou University, Zhejiang, China

IJTEM Volume 6, Number 2, ISSN 2155-5605 Publisher: IGI Global


This article proposes a framework which presents a general overview of the key components within school scenario in relation to going green. Three important human factors are covered by the framework. They are school leaders, teachers, and students. Each of the groups contributes to implementing green school practices successfully through analysis. School leaders' attitudes are very decisive at the beginning of a new program. Teachers, who link both school leaders and students, undertake important roles of spreading and performing green school practices. Besides, students are the core of the framework. Going green cannot be finally realized if students are unwilling to participate and have weak awareness of environmental protection. In order to test whether the three groups of people are going to cooperate in implementing green school practices, the framework suggest following the theory of planned behavior (TPB). It is a theory widely used for checking human behavior and intentions. The article ends in presenting recommendations and research possibilities for implementing green school practices based on the proposed framework.


Wang, T. (2016). An Integrated Framework for Sustainable Schools. International Journal of Technology and Educational Marketing, 6(2), 30-38. IGI Global. Retrieved June 27, 2022 from .