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p-Learning’s unwelcome legacy

Italian Journal of Educational Technology Volume 24, Number 2, ISSN 2532-4632 e-ISSN 2532-4632 Publisher: Edizioni Menabò - Menabò srl, Ortona, Italy


Formal teaching of adults has evolved in a context defined, initially, by the constraints of physical boundaries. Classroomwalls directly entail timetables, norms and rules of behaviour, social segregation into organized groups and, notably, the course asa fundamental unit of instruction. Our adult education systems are well adapted to provide efficient and cost-effective teachingwithin those boundaries. Digitally embodied boundaries are far more fluid, open, permeable, scalable, metaphorical and fuzzy.This has helped to drive the increasing dominance of e-learning in intentional informal learning and yet methods that emerge fromphysical boundaries dominate institutional e-learning, though they are a poor fit with the media. This paper is an exploration of theimplications of the removal of physical boundaries to online pedagogies, many of which challenge our most cherished educationalfoundations and assumptions.


Dron, J. (2016). p-Learning’s unwelcome legacy. Italian Journal of Educational Technology, 24(2), 72. Ortona, Italy: Edizioni Menabò - Menabò srl. Retrieved December 6, 2019 from .