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Impact of Modernization on Gender Roles - A Study of Advocates in Muzaffar Garh

, NCBA&E, Pakistan ; , Lahore Leads University, Pakistan ; , , Preston University, Pakistan

ILSHS Volume 52, ISSN 2300-2697 Publisher: SciPress


The present study has been conducted to view the impact of modernization on gender roles. This was a quantitative study. The researcher has selected the area of Muzaffar Garh, And one hundred Advocates of Muzaffar garh are respondents. The researcher has study the socialization, decision-making, choice of marriage and household duties. Gender roles have been changed at a great extent due to modernization. Education played an important role for the progress and change in gender roles. The question comes in mind that is modernization good or bad. It had changed traditional gender roles. Now females have equal right in decision making. Females have choice to marriage and equal opportunity in education, and have easily access to university. Socialization of children and liberty are influenced due to modernization. It is concluded that male and female both are doing work out of home and in the home, due to which there have been created a gap and socialization of children is influenced. Our morals, values have remained back and we are not thinking about it. Females have choice to marriage, and male do not feel any hesitation to do house work. Modernization, mass media, technology and education have played important role to change gender roles.Keywords: Modernization; Gender roles; Development; Advancement; Opinion Making; Educational Gap; Transition stage


Hussain, A., Ahmad, N., Manzoor, R. & Hameed, M. (2015). Impact of Modernization on Gender Roles - A Study of Advocates in Muzaffar Garh. International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences, 52, 15-22. SciPress. Retrieved February 17, 2019 from .