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Transgressing Power and Identity Re-Formation in Martin Amis's <i>Money</i>

, , University Putra Malaysia, Malaysia

ILSHS Volume 70, ISSN 2300-2697


Martin Amis's manipulation of the patriarchal concept of power is a notable indication of his transgressive attitudes that raise remarkable questions about the human identity. Transgressing power investigates the violation of the normal and familiar trends of literature in order to circulate a new discourse by which a new identity is reframed. Hence, the study of power in Martin Amis's novels, as an important technique of identity re-definition, is not taken into consideration in the light of Foucault's theory of power. The objective of this study is to examine the role applied by transgression as a technique of subverting the common discourse of power in the field of identity re-formation. The study investigates the concept of power manipulated in Amis's Money to define the identity of the 'New Man'. Accordingly, the Foucauldian theory of power is taken as a framework of this study. The study reveals a conclusion in which the transgressive aspects of power are effectively utilized by Amis to re-define the identity of his protagonist in the novel. Although John Self-has finally lost his name and fortune, which are necessary demands to define one's self-in the patriarchal society, he finds his own new identity away from the materialistic norms of the common discourse.


Kadhim Mohammed, M. & Wan Yahya, W.R. (2016). Transgressing Power and Identity Re-Formation in Martin Amis's Money. International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences, 70, 44-52. Retrieved July 19, 2019 from .