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Influence of Psychological Empowerment on Organizational Commitment among Medical Employees in a Hospital Setting

, , , Kashan University of Medical Sciences, Iran (Islamic Republic Of)

ILSHS Volume 61, ISSN 2300-2697


Introduction: people within organizations are a key factor for efficiency. Thus employee empowerment has become a popular management strategy. The study aimed to investigate the relationship between psychological empowerment and organizational commitment among medical staff of a hospital in Zahedan city. Methods: This cross sectional study was carried out in 2013. A random sample of 172 medical employees in Khatam-ol-Anbia hospital at Zahedan city was selected and responded to items of the questionnaires using a 7-point Likert scale ranging from 1 to 7. For measuring psychological empowerment and organizational commitment, Mishra & Spreitzer’s scale and Meyer and Allen’s questionnaire were used. A higher score means a higher degree of psychological empowerment or organizational commitment. Analysis was carried out using SPSS. Results: The level of organizational commitment and psychological empowerment significantly were higher than average. There was a significant positive relationship between employees’ empowerment and their commitment to organization. Psychological empowerment was a significant predictor of organizational commitment (b = .524). Out of the five dimensions of empowerment three dimensions are significant predictors of commitment and explain 37.1% of the variance in commitment. Conclusions: Due to The positive influence of psychological empowerment on organizational commitment, programs for in-service education should focus on facilitating psychological empowerment to improve and increase organizational commitment. Also, since impact of employees psychological empowerment on organizational commitment partially supported, there are other variables that influence the organizational commitment.


Kebriaei, A., Rakhshaninejad, M. & Afshari, Z. (2015). Influence of Psychological Empowerment on Organizational Commitment among Medical Employees in a Hospital Setting. International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences, 61, 31-38. Retrieved May 26, 2019 from .