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Trends and Challenges of Integrating ICT in Indian Education: A Paradigm Shift in 21st Century

Journal on School Educational Technology Volume 7, Number 2, ISSN 0973-2217


Information and communication technologies are today playing a very important role in transforming the mode of imparting education. The trend in educational system has seen a leaning towards upgrading and updating knowledge and ideas to face increasingly demanding in order to meet the rapid expansion of knowledge. Technology enabled teaching have helped in taking forward the level of education by preparing teacher community in improving their professional competencies and skills in order to meet the competitive classrooms. The increase in the number of job opportunities in the current global economy has witnessed an enhanced demand for skilled and qualified teacher community. The synchronous learning environment proves to be advantageous to the workforce, as it brings to them a quality and standard of education that would otherwise not be available to them at all. ICT brought considerable change in capacity and globality for accessing and using information as well as communicating both of which have impacted on education. The digital era brought revolutionary changes in teaching and learning process by bringing multimedia approach in which multifaceted instructional pedagogies have been incorporated in order to simplify classroom instruction to the fullest extent. There are lots of ICT applications designed for children in the classroom teaching and a lot of imagination has gone into these designs especially educational applications and it is evidenced that technologies have changed the way of teaching and learning is conducted in different parts of the world by developing some effective and interesting education tools. It is evidenced that integration of ICT in Education and changing role of imparting instruction has fully influenced modern classroom practices and it is right time to address the present ICT application in the 21st Century that is the paradigm shift in Indian class room. This paper addresses the modern Trend and Challenges in Integrating the ICT in Indian education system.


Vijaykumar, R. (2011). Trends and Challenges of Integrating ICT in Indian Education: A Paradigm Shift in 21st Century. Journal on School Educational Technology, 7(2), 13-19. Retrieved August 15, 2022 from .

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