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A different perspective in building tools to collect and share educational resources

, , , University of Salento

Journal of e-Learning and Knowledge Society Volume 11, Number 1, ISSN 1826-6223 e-ISSN 1826-6223 Publisher: Italian e-Learning Association

Record type: ARTICLE


Until now, a large amount of effort has been spent on structuring educational repositories. Standard metadata for learning objects have been provided and large databases have been deployed both from academia, and private organizations following mainly a content-centric approach. Vice-versa, a pedagogy-centric approach to the collection and sharing of learning resources still remains under-investigated. In this paper, we provide a different perspective on repositories for education, having as a central point the “educational experience”, i.e. a detailed and structured case study by which teachers and researchers in the educational field can understand where, when and how the digital material was used, and what educational benefits were obtained. We describe a framework by which educational experiences conducted in real classes of all levels of schooling can be gathered and shared. We provide readers with an empirical validation and a numerical evaluation of the approach.


Fiore, A., Mainetti, L. & Vergallo, R. (2015). A different perspective in building tools to collect and share educational resources. Journal of e-Learning and Knowledge Society, 11(1),. Italian e-Learning Association. Retrieved April 24, 2019 from .