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OpenKnowledge and OpenGovernment: the experience of the municip@zione Living Lab project

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Journal of e-Learning and Knowledge Society Volume 10, Number 2, ISSN 1826-6223 e-ISSN 1826-6223 Publisher: Italian e-Learning Association


This work describes the research activity related to the field of open government developed in the municip@zione living lab project. The municip@zione project covers topics of the Italian Digital Agenda and in particular of the Digital Administration. In this work the project is firstly presented, successively the attention is focused on the on the e-participation experiment. The project is still running, but the first results achieved by the analysis carried out until now refer to the concept of “Media Accountability”. Specific attention is paid on the e-participation aspect by considering both technological and social interaction aspects introducing a “conceptual map” tanks to which a cost-benefit analysis can be performed in the field of e-participation.


Galiano, A., Impedovo, D. & Pezzuto, M. (2014). OpenKnowledge and OpenGovernment: the experience of the municip@zione Living Lab project. Journal of e-Learning and Knowledge Society, 10(2),. Italian e-Learning Association. Retrieved February 22, 2019 from .


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